Thursday, July 22, 2010

House for sale...

It's for real now! Erik's house is up for sale!
Since we are planning to buy a new house for the both of us the first thing to do now is to sell.
It's kind of strange because it is such a nice place. It is just the cutest apartment ever with it's authentic doors, windows, high ceilings and cosy little garden.
Lots of happy memories here...

Bread & Butter tradeshow - Airport Berlin Tempelhof part III

Bread & Butter Tradeshow - Airport Berlin Tempelhof Part II

Bread & Butter Tradeshow - Airport Berlin Tempelhof

Earlier this month I visited the Bread&Butter Tradeshow at the Tempelhof in Berlin during Berlin Fashion week. The weather was hot and as usual the fair was bustling with bright colours and inspiring fresh style. Here are some pictures of the highlights of my day!