Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Miniature Couch

This probably means I will have to get rid of my little old loveseat... Anyone interested?

House sold!

The house makeover has payed off! Within two months we managed to sell the house!
In two weeks Erik will be moving in with me which means that I have a lot of cleaning up to do to make room for his stuff! Luckily he won't be bringing much furniture...
Now we can start looking for a house for the two of us!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

House for sale...

It's for real now! Erik's house is up for sale!
Since we are planning to buy a new house for the both of us the first thing to do now is to sell.
It's kind of strange because it is such a nice place. It is just the cutest apartment ever with it's authentic doors, windows, high ceilings and cosy little garden.
Lots of happy memories here...

Bread & Butter tradeshow - Airport Berlin Tempelhof part III

Bread & Butter Tradeshow - Airport Berlin Tempelhof Part II

Bread & Butter Tradeshow - Airport Berlin Tempelhof

Earlier this month I visited the Bread&Butter Tradeshow at the Tempelhof in Berlin during Berlin Fashion week. The weather was hot and as usual the fair was bustling with bright colours and inspiring fresh style. Here are some pictures of the highlights of my day!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Last year I made this painting for my boyfriend Erik. He asked me to paint something for is office at the law firm where he works. I thought an owl would be appropriate for they radiate both wisdom and kindness, not unlike Erik himself.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My very own blog!

Finally did it... Started my very own blog!
Working as a stylist/designer for a big discount retailer I sometimes have to remind myself that not every design has to sell thousands to be worth the wile. I so would like to spend much more time on my less commercial or fashionable work like my illustrations, paintings and photography. One day I hope to make a living doing just those things...
And so, inspired by all the beutiful blogs I like to follow, I am starting my own! To show my more private work to everyone who is interested and to share all the things that make me feel good just looking at them!